Your True Self

It must be clear to you by now that you can choose between two “selves” in any moment, your True Self as God created you, and the false self that you believe yourself to be when you think that you are a personality walking the earth. God did not create matter, and everything related to this world is not of His making. It is but a dream of separation that will end as soon as you accept your True Identity as your only identity.

The voice of the world speaks for your false self, and will make you believe you are nothing more than someone made of flesh and blood, bound to a temporary existence. The Voice of God speaks of your Magnitude, of your True Identity as a Spiritual Being, bound to Eternal Life. Which of the two voices do you prefer to listen to? It is not up to you to decide what is true about you, but it is up to you to decide to which voice you want to listen to in any given moment.

God wants you to know the Truth that will set you free. He keeps sending His Messengers into this world, and He keeps reaching out in any way that He can to bring The Message across. The Message simply is this: “God loves you! Separation is nothing but a dream! Wake up!” By your awakening to your True Self you will come to know that everything that you experienced while you thought you were a body is not the truth about you. This is good news! We are bringing you good news about yourself and about God!

Do not despair about the situation you think you find yourself in, nor think that there could be any loss in surrendering to God and awakening from your dream. God loves you and He will take care of all the separated ones. He is asking for your help. The biggest help you can give Him is to awaken from your dream of pain, suffering and death, and to help everyone else do the same. By becoming a part of the Great Awakening you are doing your brothers the greatest service possible.

Your True Self, the Christ in you, your Divine Identity, can never be altered. You can make up all kinds of mirages and dreams and illusions in your mind, but you can never alter the Truth, because God owns the Truth. Whatever you are experiencing outside of the Reality of the Kingdom of God can only be of a temporary nature, because Eternity belongs to God. He will awaken all the seeming separated ones through His many Helpers, and each one will return to the peace of God, forever.

Look again at what you want to choose. Two voices. Two selves. Only one of those “selves” and only one of those “voices” is worthy of you, because your worth is established by God, forever. He is the Author of Truth, the Creator of Reality, and He is All-powerful. Why would you resist the Love that created you? Let Him sweep you off your feet and lift you into His Loving Presence, where you belong. I guarantee you, from where you think you are now, things can only get better. Awakening to your True Self will accomplish this.