The Will to Live

Within you is the will to live, just waiting to be freed. Within you is the Real You, The Christ in you, just waiting to be invited by you. Any time you accept God’s Will for you, you decide again for the will to live. Any time you open up to the Christ in you, you are being brought back to life. You no longer remain in a kind of hibernation mode, but you become truly alive, in the love of God, once again. This is your natural state of mind.

The will to live is the opposite of the will to die. When you are dreaming that you are a body in a world full of other bodies, you are not truly alive. You are operating at a level of awareness that is akin to being in a spiritual coma. This need not be. All you have to do is to open up to the help that is offered to you by the Divine, and you will be brought back to life. You will be born again and you will see anew, when you accept this help.

What is life? Do you believe it means that you are born as a body, to mature, and then to decay once again through aging, until you cease to exist? My friend, if you believe this, you are mistaken, and you are mistaken completely. Life is an eternal attribute of all the parts of God’s Creation. It has no beginning and it has no ending. Life is eternal! Anything that is not eternal can therefore not really be called “life”.

To live means to be one with God. To live means to be one with all of Creation. To live means to be filled with peace and happiness that cannot be shattered. If you are not experiencing this, it means that you are mistaken about who you really are. This can be corrected, and it will be corrected. The only thing that is needed for you to have this corrected in you is to accept the help, which is available at all times.

The only question that remains is when you will accept this help. What is true about you is true forever. You are a Child of God, and when you forget this for a moment, it doesn’t mean that anything has changed in reality. All this means is that you need a shift in awareness, which you can choose at any time. Why not now? Why wait in a world of pain, suffering, and dying, and keep hoping that something in this world will satisfy you?

God is the answer to any question you could come up with. God is the healer of any kind of discomfort you may experience. He has many helpers, but He is the true Healer, being the Source of Creation. All you have to do to experience His healing is to stop resisting His attempts to help you. You will be freed from the past when you lay all your burdens down and align yourself with His Will. Do this, and you will become alive once again.