The Way

Being a Christian is not about having a set of moral codes to which to adhere, although there is nothing wrong with striving to live with high moral standards. Being a Christian is all about being born again as the Christ that lives in you, the Christ, the hope of glory. I have told you that to enter the Kingdom of God you will have to be reborn. You cannot be a human being and know God.

As a human being, you can have all kinds of beautiful experiences related to God. You can find comfort in your faith, and signs and wonders will follow those who believe. You can have all kinds of experiences of peace and Grace which are not of this world. And still, to know God you will have to remember that you are the Christ, because only by remembering that you are a Child of God can you truly know the Father.

The way back to God often starts with a feeling of uneasiness. Thoughts like, “There has to be more to life than this! There is something wrong here! I feel an emptiness inside of me!” arise in your mind, and you discover that you are not truly happy here in the world. When you call out for help from this situation, you can be guided to the way to remember, and decide to follow me, based upon your faith in my words.

That is the way back to God. It starts with not being content about where you are. Then you find faith in the message that I have come to bring to humanity. When you truly follow me, by asking me and the Holy Spirit for guidance, your life will become filled with signs and wonders, and you will gain trust in God. From faith and trust you can come to knowing, when you truly surrender your will and life to God.

Faith, trust and knowing. Until you have fully surrendered and have realized that you ARE the Christ, you are on the path, you are following the way that I have shown you. If that is the case for you, you will have to keep going. Do not settle for just being on the path. Do not settle for just having beautiful glimpses of your Creator. Being a Christian is about resurrection and ascension. That is where the path ends.

Walk with me, and walk this way all the way to the end. Claim your Divine Inheritance, not because you are special, but because our Loving Father wants you to come back to Him. He loves you with a limitless love, and He wants you to come back all the way. Do not settle for less. Fulfill you destiny, and come to remember that you are a Child of God forever. This is the way to true happiness. Amen.