The Way of the Heart

Doing the will of God is not an intellectual thing. Doing the will of God is following your heart. God dwells within you, and it is in your heart, the center of your mind, that you experience communication with Him. Through your heart His Voice talks to you, and if you are attentive, you can be guided by this voice in all your actions, words, and thoughts, 24/07. When you do this, you are following the way of the heart.

So many people need to have a reason for everything they do. Following God’s Plan for the salvation of the world is not like that. All you have to do is to tune in to the Divine Guidance, and then you follow. You may be guided to say or do things that you would normally never say or do. When that happens, when that is asked of you, it is extremely important that you stay aware of what you really want. Do you want to serve God or do you want to serve your self?

The way of the heart is the way of God and the way to God. All you have to do is to learn to follow without judging. You have to be sure that the guidance you receive is from the Holy Spirit, and once you are sure, you have to be willing to follow, no matter what it looks like. Listen to the Voice for God, learn what is expected of you, and follow by doing what is asked of you. When you do this, you will walk by Grace, and all your days will be filled with peace instead of sorrow.

Lay all your judgements aside and follow the way of the heart. You cannot image the sense of peace that will come from never having to figure anything out anymore, from never having to judge and think anymore. You just learn to trust the guidance and follow the instructions that are being given to you. The way this will show up is that things will just “occur” to you. It will for example occur to you to go somewhere and talk to someone who really needs to hear something.

When you follow these instructions, these things that occur to you, you will be serving God’s Plan, and leave your own plans behind. Your own plans never really made you happy, so this is not a real sacrifice. Every time you listen to God’s Voice you will take a step closer to God, until He will lift you up from this world into His arms. That is the destiny of all of God’s Children, who got lost a while, but who are finding their way back to Him.

Let go of the way of the world. Stop figuring everything out. Trust me. Trust me and follow the way of the heart, as I did. Don’t say or do anything before you hear it from the Father. Don’t act on your own accord, but surrender yourself to the Divine Plan. Let yourself be guided where you can be most helpful, to be truly useful while you walk back to God. Follow the way of the heart until God’s Plan is fulfilled in you. That is the way Home. Amen.