The Truth Shall Set You Free

There is so much confusion about what Christianity is and what it means to be a Christian that it is astounding. The main thing that I have said is to trust God and to not lean on your own understanding. You know exactly what trusting your own judgement and understanding has brought you. You know exactly how trusting yourself has brought you only misery and confusion. Do not make this mistake again. Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not unto your own understanding.

No book shall set you free. No church shall set you free. Accepting the Truth shall set you free. When you are told that you are not someone made of flesh and blood, but a Child of God, you will have to take a leap of faith. “Father, I want to believe this! Please show me that this is true! Please help me to see, help me to see anew!” Open up for the Truth, let go of your own ideas, and the Truth shall be revealed to you, because you come to our Father with empty hands, which can be filled with the Truth.

Do you want freedom? Real freedom can not be found in health, money, possessions, or anything else this world can offer you. Real freedom is knowing you are a Child of God, forever protected by His Love, safe in His loving embrace. As long as you identify with this world, as long as you believe that you are a body instead of believing you temporarily use one, you are damning yourself to hell. You bind yourself by your own erroneous beliefs, and are not willing to let go of the false beliefs that keep you in chains.

Choose again. Choose again if you want to be right or happy. If you insist on being right, you will hold on to your own beliefs, the same beliefs that bind you to this world. If you admit that you want to be happy, and that this is more important to you than being right, you will give the Divine an opening to work with you. You can become an empty slate, on which the Truth can be written. Your days can become filled with miracles and wonders, reminding you of the fact that you are a Child of God.

When you are walking the earth, when you find yourself looking out on a world with the eyes of a body, you are experiencing a manifestation of the mind. The Truth about you is so much loftier and amazing that this is indeed a very poor substitute of Reality. When you find yourself in this situation, your mind is in need of healing. Open up to the Divine to heal your mind, to wipe the slate clean, to empty your hands of all the things that won’t really make you happy.

God loves you. I love you. I am with you always, to help you remember the Truth that shall set you free. Open up to my help. Open up to being shown what you have hidden from yourself, in your own mind. The Kingdom of God is within, and I will lead you there, if you let me. I need your coöperation in this, because God’s Will will not be forced upon you. As a Child of God you can choose what you want to experience. Only the experience of the Truth will make you really happy. Trust me. Follow me. Amen.