The Reason for Being

You were created to create. Your Father created you to create with Him, in an ever-expanding Creation. Your Father created you in His own likeness, with the ability to create and be His co-creator. When you are not aware of this it must mean that you are dreaming. You are dreaming of exile, while you could be creating with Him, as it was meant to be forever. Only when you are aware that you are creating and in communion with your Father can you be truly happy.

The nature of Creation is that all is One. There is one Creation, which is forever expanding, and it is this that you are part of. Everyone is connected in this one Creation, and it has nothing to do with the world of bodies and of matter. That world is not our Father’s Kingdom. The figure that walks in this dream is also not a Child of God, but a temporary identity, and also part of this dream of pain and suffering and dying. Hence I have told you that to enter the Kingdom of God, you have to be born again.

The reason for being is creating. The reason for your existence  now is to awaken from your dream and to remember your real, original reason for being. Only by remembering this and by fulfilling your natural function can you be truly happy. The pursuit of happiness is doomed to fail if it is undertaken solely in this world. Only by calling out to That That Knows can you be restored to full sanity, and be lifted out of this world of darkness and into the Light of Creation once again.

You are Love. You are Spirit. You are Eternal. When you experience yourself as anything other than that, it must mean that you are confused about who or what you are. And when you are walking around with all this confusion in your mind, it doesn’t do you any good to ask those who are equally confused about what the meaning of life it. This will only add to your confusion. The sane thing would be to follow those who once experienced what you experience now, but who have found the way out.

You have a true identity in God, and you have a real reason for being, which is creating. When you experience yourself as doing or being something else, it must mean that temporarily you have taken on another identity. This can never fulfill you in the way your Father’s Kingdom fulfills you, and it is doomed to bring you unhappiness. Many deny this unhappiness. For many others it is just a vague discomfort, hardly noticed most of the time. For yet others it is a constant state of depression.

When you are reading this it must mean that your awareness of this lack of fulfillment, your awareness of the nature of your predicament, is more acute than for most people. That must also mean that you are more ready to leave this world behind completely, and return to your normal, natural state of being. I am here to help you with that. I am here to help you remember how much our Father loves us. I am here to guide you out of your dreams of suffering. Trust me and follow me. Amen.