The Power of Love

When you are asking the Holy Spirit, the Voice for God, to guide and help you, you are calling upon the power of God. The power of God, the power of Love, is always available to you, because you are a Child of God. The power of Love is capable of lifting you out of every seeming difficulty, of solving every seeming problem, of dissolving any kind of darkness in the Divine Light.

Don’t dwell on your problems. Don’t focus on your burdens. Hand them over to the one power that knows how to deal with them in a perfect way. Your problems may seem big, but God is always bigger than your problems. Therefore, call upon Him, and lay all your problems and burdens at His feet. God knows what you need, even before you ask Him. By asking Him to take care of them, you open up to His help.

What is it that you are afraid of? God will protect you no matter what. What is it that you feel to weak to accomplish? God will offer you His strength. What is it that seems to difficult or complex to do for you? God will offer you His clarity and His guidance. God will make a way, when there seems to be no way. When you decide to trust in Him, and to not lean on your own understanding, you will experience this.

The power of Love is the opposite of the power of darkness. Being a power of Love and Light, it must shine away this darkness, because Light and darkness cannot coexist. There is not one form of darkness that can resist the Light, and there is not one seeming problem that you experience that cannot be easily solved by God, Who created you to be without problems forever.

It is the power of Love that created you. It is the power of Love that keeps you safe forever. It is the power of Love that will help you to remember that you are a Child of God forever. In this remembrance are all your problems solved. In this remembrance is your complete happiness returned to you. In this remembrance you are equipped with a gift that you can share with everyone, to set them free, too.

All I ask of you is this: that you be afraid no more. Give me your burdens of fear and anxiety, and I will give you rest. You do not walk alone, and any time you choose, I can help you to see your own situation anew. Any time you choose, you can surrender to God, and leave all your seeming problems behind. Any time you choose, you can experience the glory of being a Child of God again, because that is Who you are. Amen.