The Light of Creation

There is a Light in you that is put there by God. It cannot be put out, although you can turn your awareness away from it, but you can never completely ignore it. The Light of Creation is the center of your being, and it is calling to you to awaken from this dream of suffering. The Light of Creation is the part of you that still remembers God. It is the part of your mind that is still connected with Him, and will be connected forever.

Awakening to Christ means that you focus on this Light and let it grow into your awareness. By doing this is it will shine away the darkness in your mind, and you will see anew. You will see what you put in the way of the Light, and you can choose again, if you want to let go of that. Do you want to hold on to your fears, your worldly desires, your jealousy, your littleness, when God is calling you Home? Or are you willing to let it all go?

When all darkness in your mind has been shined away by the Light of God, you will remember perfectly that you are His Child, forever. You do not need to worry or think about how that should happen. In every moment, you will be guided by me and the Holy Spirit, and whatever needs to be done will just occur to you. You do not need to know the big picture. All you need to know is that you want to awaken to the Christ in you, to the Truth.

When you have a sincere desire to know the Truth, all of God’s Helpers will come rushing in. You will be guided into situations that are most helpful to help you remember. You will start to meet people, read things, or hear things that are most helpful for your awakening. At one point you will start to realize that these “coincidences” aren’t coincidences at all. The Light of Creation is guiding your life, and orchestrating your awakening to Christ.

In any given moment, while you believe that you walk the earth, there are two forces at work in your mind. The power of darkness, which draws you to the world in a hypnotic way, and the power of the Light, which draws you to God, to your awakening. In this seeming battle the outcome is sure, because forever is of God. How much time you will take for your return to God depends on you, and your willingness to see anew.

Maybe you feel that you are lacking in strength, or in determination, or in clarity, to speed up your awakening to the Truth. Whatever you feel that you are lacking, ask it of me, and I will supply it to you. Our Father thus not limit His Gifts to us, and I gladly pass them on to you. You deserve to be helped in every way possible, because you deserve to remember the Truth that will set you free. Do not hesitate to call on me for any help you need with this. Amen.