The Greatness in You

Christianity is an invitation to get in touch again with the greatness in you and to forget about the littleness in you. He that is in you is greater than he that is in the world. It is the Christ in you, the hope of glory, that is your greatness. This is your true identity in God, your true identity as a Child of God. To remember this, the greatness in you, is the goal of the curriculum. To reach full Christ-consciousness is the goal of being a Christian.

This is not difficult to do, but it does require willingness. It does require willingness to question everything you value, everything you now hold dear, and to bring it to the Light. Examined in the Light of Truth, does it hold up? Are the thoughts, ideas and beliefs you now hold dear precious to God? Does He share those beliefs with you? If not, I can assure you that they are not worthy of you, and that they are only blocks on the road that you walk back to God.

It is up to you to be willing to have these blocks removed for you, by God’s Helpers, and when you do this you will remember. When you are willing to have all the darkness in your mind removed for you, and are willing to align yourself completely with God’s Will, your remembering will be complete. You will re-awaken to the Christ in you, and your state of mind will be returned to what it always was, and what it always will be, thank God.

Do not settle for anything less than greatness. Whenever thoughts of littleness appear in your mind, make a firm stand that you don’t want anything to do with these thoughts. Pray to God that He will fill your mind with Light and thoughts of greatness, and He will. Every moment is a chance to choose between littleness and greatness. When you try to limit yourself to being a human being, living in a body, in a dying world, you ARE choosing for littleness.

Too many people have tried to make me special, someone to worship. Worship only the Father, Who is worthy of our worship. Let me help you, as an older brother, to remember what I have already remembered. Follow me through your resurrection and ascension, and come to remember your greatness perfectly. This is God’s Will for you, and therefore it is your destiny to have this fulfilled in you. Only this purpose in life is worthy of you who are His Child.

There is a reason you are reading this. Not everybody may be ready to hear this message at this point in time, but you are. Take it to heart. God wants you to remember your greatness in him, and leave all your dreams of darkness and pain behind. You do not walk alone. I will walk besides you, the Holy Spirit will inspire you, and God’s Angels will hover near you. All of Creation supports you when you choose that you want to re-awaken to your greatness. Amen!