The Gifts of God

Our God is an amazing God. He is a God Who only knows of giving. His whole existence is a stream of gifts from Him to His Creation, of which you are a part. And He has created you in His likeness! That must mean that for you it is also completely natural to spend all your time giving to everyone and everything around you. You must be created to give and give and give some more. By giving all the time you will learn that giving and receiving are the same.

God gives His Grace, His Mercy, His Light, to all of Creation, all the time. So many have tried to make God appear as a vengeful God, a revenging God, a jealous God, someone you better not mess with. I assure you that God is not that. God is like the sun, forever shining on everyone, always, forever. He just keeps giving His Love to everyone alike, to all those who worship Him and to all those who don’t worship Him.

The only difference between those two groups is that those who do not worship God are not aware of their relationship with God, and are therefore not aware of all the gifts that are bestowed on them. This lack of awareness does not mean that they are loved any less. God loves all His Children with an equal love. Yet, to truly enjoy his gift, we have to turn our awareness back to Him, and be focused on the Kingdom of God.

God gives healing. God gives joy. God gives meaning. God gives power and glory. All of this is meant to be shared with all of His Creation. To help everyone remember this, you are asked to share all His Gifts with everyone you meet, so they may receive God’s blessings through you. Every time a Child of God remembers their True Father, the joy in Heaven increases, and everyone rejoices in the blessing of their awakening.

It is time. It is time to awaken. It is time to accept all of God’s Gifts, and to awaken to the fact that you are not made of flesh and blood, but that you are a Divine Being, a Child of God. Only this remembering will make you truly happy. Only this awakening will let you know the meaning of life. Only this shift in awareness in your mind will bring true health to your mind and your life. You need to wake up to the Truth that will set you free, forever.

Some people believe that they don’t deserve the Gifts of God. If that is you, I assure you that you are mistaken. Take my word for this. God is not mistaken in His Children. His Children may be mistaken for a moment, but this can be corrected. I am in charge of this correction, and I will gladly help you to remember the Truth, if you will let me help you. I have cleared the way for you, you personally, to let you walk back effortlessly into the arms of God. Amen.