The Christian Life

Being a Christian is not about belonging to a certain church, or reading a certain version of the Bible. Being a Christian is about following the guidance of the Holy Spirit in all your affairs. Through the Holy Spirit God’s plan for the salvation of the world will unfold itself. You will bring God’s love and the message of redemption into this world, and by doing so, come to remember that you are the Christ that dwells in you, that you are a Child of God.

Being a Christian means surrendering your will and life to God, and doing so gladly. The burden of having to judge and decide everything for yourself will be taken away from you. All you have to do is to spend your days being aware of the Guide that connects you with God, and to listen, learn and follow. Listen to what the Holy Spirit has to say, learn what God wants you to learn, and follow the instructions about what to say or do.

Being a Christian means that the struggle is over. You once were lost but now you are found. You once were blind but now you can see. You once were dead but now you have been brought back to Life, raised from the dead. The path for you is clear, because God’s Light is shining on it. All you have to do is follow, to relax into the habit of only following the Divine Guidance. You don’t step forward. You step back and then let the Voice for God lead the way.

Being a Christian means to serve God by serving every one of His Children. All your neighbors are God’s Children, in Truth, and they all need to remember this. It is your holy task to help them remember. It is your holy task to tell them that God loves them. It is your holy task to awake them from their sleep of forgetfulness, and to share the Truth with them. Can you do that? Of course you can, because God will give you all the means to do so.

Being a Christian is a joyous affair. You only have good news for everyone you meet, and by sharing it, you strengthen it in yourself. Every time you speak for God, His Presence will become more clear to you. Every miracle you are asked to perform will bless not only the receiver, but it will bless you too. Count your blessings and rejoice in the Grace of God that you receive while you walk this world as His servant, doing God’s Will wherever you go.

I am with you always, all the way until you complete your journey Home, and forever afterwards. Do not despair about the challenges you face, but call upon me to help you. I am your brother and your savior. When you call upon me, we will together overcome any seeming problem and rise to meet any seeming challenge. There is no problem that is bigger than God, and therefore there is no situation that you cannot face with happy confidence, because God is with you, and He will take care of you forever. Hallelujah!