Nothing to Lose

Many people only turn to God when they have hit a bottom. Many people only surrender to the Divine after they have been devastated by “life”, after having extreme experiences of pain, depression or loss. Some just turn to God because they have a clear, happy memory of the Light, and they have always felt connected, but for most it takes a drastic thing to happen before this inner shift will be made. When you have hit a bottom and you feel like you have nothing to lose, you can open up for a change in your life more easily, apparently.

Look at the world around you. Take a sincere and honest look. Is there anything that has ever truly satisfied you in this world? Is there anything that has brought you true happiness? Or is it closer to the truth that the world has offered you good moments besides the bad moments, and that you have always hoped that the good moments would turn into true happiness? What is it? You cannot find true happiness in a world of duality, where everything is ephemeral. Anything that you love in this world will sooner or later be taken away from you.

Into this chaos, into this desert of loneliness and despair, you now receive a message. It is not just A message, it is The Message. It is The Message that Your Father loves you, and that He wants you to return to Him, because He doesn’t want to be alone. He holds no grievances against you, whatever you may think that you have done, and He is ready to welcome you with open arms. Isn’t that great news? All you have to do is say thank you and accept the invitation. All you have to do is to let go of the world and to accept The Message that will lift you out of your perceived misery.

What do you have to lose by doing this? Can you see that you have nothing to lose? If you believe that you have to stay here because you have to take care of certain people, you are mistaken, because God takes care of us all. If you believe that there is still hope to find true happiness in this world, you are mistaken too. This world will never offer you what you look for, Love and perfection, because it is not a place of Love and perfection. You have nothing to lose by leaving this world behind and by being born again as a Child of God, free of pain and suffering.

Do not despair or be disappointed about all the mistakes you think you have made. They will be perfectly undone by the Voice for God, by the power of Love, which shines away all darkness. Do not linger in a place without hope, but choose for the certainty of God instead. Take an honest look at what you think you have to lose by doing this, and then realize that you have nothing to lose. You came to this world with certain expectations, and all the things that you thought would make you happy have failed you. Now count on the one thing that CAN make you happy.

God is Love. In Him there is no darkness at all. When you perceive darkness in and around you, it must mean that you are somewhere where you are not at home. You are at home in God. Only when you return to Him, and experience the peace that passeth understanding, will you be truly at home. Until that moment, you are just contemplating whether you will accept The Message that you have received as the only Truth for you. Until that moment you still think that you have something to lose by giving up the world. Think again and trust me. You have nothing to lose by following me. Amen.