Intimacy With God

God is not a God to be worshipped from a distance. You are meant to walk in the Presence of the Lord. God is everywhere and God is everything. When you see God as far away, something very big and very powerful and very far away, you are mistaken. At all times you are united with God, at one with all of Creation. Creation is One, so how could God be at a distance? The Truth is that all God’s Children are always connected with Him, being part of the one Creation.

So many Christians have been told to fear God. I have told you there is no fear in love. How could it make sense to fear an only-loving Father? How could it make sense to be afraid of a Being Who loves you without limits? Instead of fearing God, return the love He has for you. Let this love be a constant stream, which keeps going back and forth, and you will have returned to your natural state of being. This state of grace, in which you are fully aware that you love God and God loves you, is your natural state of being.

The way to worship God is not to put Him at a distance, but to become intimate with Him. Acknowledge that He is always there, that you are always in His Presence, no matter where you go. Become aware of His Voice, that speaks to you 24/7, guiding you back to the full awareness that you are the Christ, a Child of God, a purely Spiritual Being. Keep asking in prayer that this will be shown to you, and it will, because God wants you to remember that you are His Child.

Do not be afraid of love. Do not be afraid of God. Become intimate with God. Let go of any idea of shame, guilt, anger or fear that is still lingering in your mind. All these ideas are just burdens you don’t have to carry around anymore. Give your burdens to me, and I will gladly take them away from you, to be replaced by the Light of Creation. When you let go of all these ideas which have no foundation in Truth, you will discover that there is nothing that is blocking your awareness from God’s Presence.

You do not walk alone. All you brothers, all Divine Helpers, all the Masters and the Angels, are part of this one Creation that you are trying to remember. To become intimate with God, become intimate with His Creation. Join in the love and the Light that every part of God’s Creation represents. In your relationship with God, you will automatically remember your true relationship with every part of His Creation, when you let yourself be guided by the Holy Spirit, Who will bless all your relationships.

To learn to become intimate with God, first learn how to become intimate with me. I am your brother and I love you for the Truth in you. I care about you, and I will gladly guide you back to the gates of Heaven, to your awareness of yourself as a Child of God. When you learn that you can trust me and when we have become truly intimate, you will be on your way of becoming truly intimate with God, uniting with Him, instead of worshipping Him from a distance. That is the way to remember.