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Thijs Hottenhuis

The Way of the Heart

Doing the will of God is not an intellectual thing. Doing the will of God is following your heart. God dwells within you, and it is in your heart, the center of your mind, that you experience communication with Him. Through your heart His Voice talks to you, and if you are attentive, you can be guided by this voice in all your actions, words, and thoughts, 24/07. When you do this, you are following the way of the heart.

So many people need to have a reason for everything they do. Following God’s Plan for the salvation of the world is not like that. All you have to do is to tune in to the Divine Guidance, and then you follow. You may be guided to say or do things that you would normally never say or do. When that happens, when that is asked of you, it is extremely important that you stay aware of what you really want. Do you want to serve God or do you want to serve your self?

The way of the heart is the way of God and the way to God. All you have to do is to learn to follow without judging. You have to be sure that the guidance you receive is from the Holy Spirit, and once you are sure, you have to be willing to follow, no matter what it looks like. Listen to the Voice for God, learn what is expected of you, and follow by doing what is asked of you. When you do this, you will walk by Grace, and all your days will be filled with peace instead of sorrow.

Lay all your judgements aside and follow the way of the heart. You cannot image the sense of peace that will come from never having to figure anything out anymore, from never having to judge and think anymore. You just learn to trust the guidance and follow the instructions that are being given to you. The way this will show up is that things will just “occur” to you. It will for example occur to you to go somewhere and talk to someone who really needs to hear something.

When you follow these instructions, these things that occur to you, you will be serving God’s Plan, and leave your own plans behind. Your own plans never really made you happy, so this is not a real sacrifice. Every time you listen to God’s Voice you will take a step closer to God, until He will lift you up from this world into His arms. That is the destiny of all of God’s Children, who got lost a while, but who are finding their way back to Him.

Let go of the way of the world. Stop figuring everything out. Trust me. Trust me and follow the way of the heart, as I did. Don’t say or do anything before you hear it from the Father. Don’t act on your own accord, but surrender yourself to the Divine Plan. Let yourself be guided where you can be most helpful, to be truly useful while you walk back to God. Follow the way of the heart until God’s Plan is fulfilled in you. That is the way Home. Amen.

The Truth Shall Set You Free

There is so much confusion about what Christianity is and what it means to be a Christian that it is astounding. The main thing that I have said is to trust God and to not lean on your own understanding. You know exactly what trusting your own judgement and understanding has brought you. You know exactly how trusting yourself has brought you only misery and confusion. Do not make this mistake again. Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not unto your own understanding.

No book shall set you free. No church shall set you free. Accepting the Truth shall set you free. When you are told that you are not someone made of flesh and blood, but a Child of God, you will have to take a leap of faith. “Father, I want to believe this! Please show me that this is true! Please help me to see, help me to see anew!” Open up for the Truth, let go of your own ideas, and the Truth shall be revealed to you, because you come to our Father with empty hands, which can be filled with the Truth.

Do you want freedom? Real freedom can not be found in health, money, possessions, or anything else this world can offer you. Real freedom is knowing you are a Child of God, forever protected by His Love, safe in His loving embrace. As long as you identify with this world, as long as you believe that you are a body instead of believing you temporarily use one, you are damning yourself to hell. You bind yourself by your own erroneous beliefs, and are not willing to let go of the false beliefs that keep you in chains.

Choose again. Choose again if you want to be right or happy. If you insist on being right, you will hold on to your own beliefs, the same beliefs that bind you to this world. If you admit that you want to be happy, and that this is more important to you than being right, you will give the Divine an opening to work with you. You can become an empty slate, on which the Truth can be written. Your days can become filled with miracles and wonders, reminding you of the fact that you are a Child of God.

When you are walking the earth, when you find yourself looking out on a world with the eyes of a body, you are experiencing a manifestation of the mind. The Truth about you is so much loftier and amazing that this is indeed a very poor substitute of Reality. When you find yourself in this situation, your mind is in need of healing. Open up to the Divine to heal your mind, to wipe the slate clean, to empty your hands of all the things that won’t really make you happy.

God loves you. I love you. I am with you always, to help you remember the Truth that shall set you free. Open up to my help. Open up to being shown what you have hidden from yourself, in your own mind. The Kingdom of God is within, and I will lead you there, if you let me. I need your coöperation in this, because God’s Will will not be forced upon you. As a Child of God you can choose what you want to experience. Only the experience of the Truth will make you really happy. Trust me. Follow me. Amen.

The Gifts of God

Our God is an amazing God. He is a God Who only knows of giving. His whole existence is a stream of gifts from Him to His Creation, of which you are a part. And He has created you in His likeness! That must mean that for you it is also completely natural to spend all your time giving to everyone and everything around you. You must be created to give and give and give some more. By giving all the time you will learn that giving and receiving are the same.

God gives His Grace, His Mercy, His Light, to all of Creation, all the time. So many have tried to make God appear as a vengeful God, a revenging God, a jealous God, someone you better not mess with. I assure you that God is not that. God is like the sun, forever shining on everyone, always, forever. He just keeps giving His Love to everyone alike, to all those who worship Him and to all those who don’t worship Him.

The only difference between those two groups is that those who do not worship God are not aware of their relationship with God, and are therefore not aware of all the gifts that are bestowed on them. This lack of awareness does not mean that they are loved any less. God loves all His Children with an equal love. Yet, to truly enjoy his gift, we have to turn our awareness back to Him, and be focused on the Kingdom of God.

God gives healing. God gives joy. God gives meaning. God gives power and glory. All of this is meant to be shared with all of His Creation. To help everyone remember this, you are asked to share all His Gifts with everyone you meet, so they may receive God’s blessings through you. Every time a Child of God remembers their True Father, the joy in Heaven increases, and everyone rejoices in the blessing of their awakening.

It is time. It is time to awaken. It is time to accept all of God’s Gifts, and to awaken to the fact that you are not made of flesh and blood, but that you are a Divine Being, a Child of God. Only this remembering will make you truly happy. Only this awakening will let you know the meaning of life. Only this shift in awareness in your mind will bring true health to your mind and your life. You need to wake up to the Truth that will set you free, forever.

Some people believe that they don’t deserve the Gifts of God. If that is you, I assure you that you are mistaken. Take my word for this. God is not mistaken in His Children. His Children may be mistaken for a moment, but this can be corrected. I am in charge of this correction, and I will gladly help you to remember the Truth, if you will let me help you. I have cleared the way for you, you personally, to let you walk back effortlessly into the arms of God. Amen.

The Will of God

God created us, because He didn’t want to be alone. It is His will to share all of Creation with us, His Children. That is the will of God, and when you are not aware of all of Creation, you must have chosen another will. This is a mistake that can be corrected. When you experience imperfection instead of perfection, your mind is in need of healing. The Holy Spirit will guide you through this healing of your mind.

When I taught the apostles how to pray, they received the Lord’s Prayer, which states, “Your will be done…”. This is a prayer to give up any will alien to God’s will, and to return to Him Who is our real Father. I have also told you to not call anyone on earth your father, because your only real father is your Heavenly Father. He created you, and it is His will to redeem you from your dreams of pain, suffering and death.

Death will be swallowed up in victory when all of God’s Children have accepted the Truth that will set them free. It is already certain that this will happen; it is only a matter of time. God has given you free will, and choosing His love and peace and happiness it a matter of free will. As long as you don’t accept it you will not know His will and you will not know your Real Father, because you are still denying Him.

God’s will for you is happiness. God’s will for you is perfect peace. God’s will for you is joy forever. All of this you deny yourself when you are denying Him. I ask you to look at this decision and then to decide again. Choose again and choose wisely. I urge you to let go of any shame, guilt, blame and insecurity that you may still keep hidden in your mind, and to return to your Father with empty hands.

It is the will of God that you awaken to His love, and that you share this love with everyone you meet. How you will share it will be guided by His Voice, who dwells in you, and is available for you in any given moment. You do not have to live in the past. You do not have to figure it out. All that it takes for you to remember your Divine Identity is to be willing to let go of everything that God would not share with you.

I am here to represent the will of God, and I encourage you to do the same. By sharing His Will we will strengthen it in ourselves and in everyone with whom we share it. By proclaiming the Kingdom of God here on earth we will truly transform this world through the Divine Energy that will flow through us. That is how you serve God. That is how you do God’s will. That is how you find your freedom in God. Amen.

The Christian Life

Being a Christian is not about belonging to a certain church, or reading a certain version of the Bible. Being a Christian is about following the guidance of the Holy Spirit in all your affairs. Through the Holy Spirit God’s plan for the salvation of the world will unfold itself. You will bring God’s love and the message of redemption into this world, and by doing so, come to remember that you are the Christ that dwells in you, that you are a Child of God.

Being a Christian means surrendering your will and life to God, and doing so gladly. The burden of having to judge and decide everything for yourself will be taken away from you. All you have to do is to spend your days being aware of the Guide that connects you with God, and to listen, learn and follow. Listen to what the Holy Spirit has to say, learn what God wants you to learn, and follow the instructions about what to say or do.

Being a Christian means that the struggle is over. You once were lost but now you are found. You once were blind but now you can see. You once were dead but now you have been brought back to Life, raised from the dead. The path for you is clear, because God’s Light is shining on it. All you have to do is follow, to relax into the habit of only following the Divine Guidance. You don’t step forward. You step back and then let the Voice for God lead the way.

Being a Christian means to serve God by serving every one of His Children. All your neighbors are God’s Children, in Truth, and they all need to remember this. It is your holy task to help them remember. It is your holy task to tell them that God loves them. It is your holy task to awake them from their sleep of forgetfulness, and to share the Truth with them. Can you do that? Of course you can, because God will give you all the means to do so.

Being a Christian is a joyous affair. You only have good news for everyone you meet, and by sharing it, you strengthen it in yourself. Every time you speak for God, His Presence will become more clear to you. Every miracle you are asked to perform will bless not only the receiver, but it will bless you too. Count your blessings and rejoice in the Grace of God that you receive while you walk this world as His servant, doing God’s Will wherever you go.

I am with you always, all the way until you complete your journey Home, and forever afterwards. Do not despair about the challenges you face, but call upon me to help you. I am your brother and your savior. When you call upon me, we will together overcome any seeming problem and rise to meet any seeming challenge. There is no problem that is bigger than God, and therefore there is no situation that you cannot face with happy confidence, because God is with you, and He will take care of you forever. Hallelujah!

Your True Self

It must be clear to you by now that you can choose between two “selves” in any moment, your True Self as God created you, and the false self that you believe yourself to be when you think that you are a personality walking the earth. God did not create matter, and everything related to this world is not of His making. It is but a dream of separation that will end as soon as you accept your True Identity as your only identity.

The voice of the world speaks for your false self, and will make you believe you are nothing more than someone made of flesh and blood, bound to a temporary existence. The Voice of God speaks of your Magnitude, of your True Identity as a Spiritual Being, bound to Eternal Life. Which of the two voices do you prefer to listen to? It is not up to you to decide what is true about you, but it is up to you to decide to which voice you want to listen to in any given moment.

God wants you to know the Truth that will set you free. He keeps sending His Messengers into this world, and He keeps reaching out in any way that He can to bring The Message across. The Message simply is this: “God loves you! Separation is nothing but a dream! Wake up!” By your awakening to your True Self you will come to know that everything that you experienced while you thought you were a body is not the truth about you. This is good news! We are bringing you good news about yourself and about God!

Do not despair about the situation you think you find yourself in, nor think that there could be any loss in surrendering to God and awakening from your dream. God loves you and He will take care of all the separated ones. He is asking for your help. The biggest help you can give Him is to awaken from your dream of pain, suffering and death, and to help everyone else do the same. By becoming a part of the Great Awakening you are doing your brothers the greatest service possible.

Your True Self, the Christ in you, your Divine Identity, can never be altered. You can make up all kinds of mirages and dreams and illusions in your mind, but you can never alter the Truth, because God owns the Truth. Whatever you are experiencing outside of the Reality of the Kingdom of God can only be of a temporary nature, because Eternity belongs to God. He will awaken all the seeming separated ones through His many Helpers, and each one will return to the peace of God, forever.

Look again at what you want to choose. Two voices. Two selves. Only one of those “selves” and only one of those “voices” is worthy of you, because your worth is established by God, forever. He is the Author of Truth, the Creator of Reality, and He is All-powerful. Why would you resist the Love that created you? Let Him sweep you off your feet and lift you into His Loving Presence, where you belong. I guarantee you, from where you think you are now, things can only get better. Awakening to your True Self will accomplish this.

The Way to Peace

The world you see around you is clearly not a place of peace. The world was made without love, representing the opposite of love, or better, the denial of love. The world is a place of war, where everything competes with everything, in a constant turmoil which ends in death. How could anyone find peace in a place like this? The only way to do this is to rise above the battle. Let yourself be lifted above the battleground and into the Light.

The way to peace is first of all to want peace. When you react to the world with an attitude of, “Well, this is just the way it is! This is how things are done around here!”, you will not look for a change or for other options. Yet, when you truly desire peace, you can call upon me and upon the Voice of God, and you will be lifted above the battleground. You will be guided in all your actions, words and thoughts, and become a messenger of peace.

The way to peace is to truly want it, and then to ask and receive Divine Guidance in any given moment. When you do this, you become a bringer of Love in a place full of fear. You become a bringer of Light in a world full of darkness. You will transform the word with the power of God that flows through you, and signs and wonders will follow you wherever you go. You do not need to know how this will happen. God will make a way, even when there seems to be no way.

All you have to do to bring peace wherever you go is to remember that what you experience in this world is not the Truth, and to keep asking for what is true. When you do this, your mind will be flooded with peace and joy and Light, and you will become a beacon of Light in a world full of darkness. You will bring the peace of God with you wherever you go, and that is the only way to have it. To have peace, find it within you, and share it with everyone you meet.

This is not a matter of understanding. It is a matter of believing, of trusting, and of following. Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not unto your own understanding. Have faith that whatever you need will be provided in any given moment, and you WILL receive it. Signs and wonders will follow those who believe, because those who believe will open up for all the gifts that the Holy Spirit will pour through them, to share with everyone around them.

The way to peace is to want it, to trust that it will come to you, and to open up to receive and share it. You do not walk alone. God’s Helpers are always with you, and all prayer is answered. Do not dwell on the past but be present in the now to receive the peace of God, and share it with everyone you meet. Become a messenger of love, a bringer of peace, because giving and receiving are the same, and you will know peace by sharing it.

The Simplicity of Salvation

Do not complicate what you are involved in. You have heard The Call. You have heard that to enter the Kingdom of God you have to be born again. You have heard about the Christ in you, the hope of Glory. I have told you that I am with you always, and that I have sent you a Comforter who will teach you everything you need to know. When you add these things up you will start to understand the simplicity of salvation.

When you listen to the Comforter, the still small voice within you, it will lead you to the awareness that you are the Christ. When you listen to the Voice of God, instead of to the voice of the world, it will help you to remember that you are a Child of God and not something made of flesh and bone. And once you remember who you are, and know your Divine Identity, you will remember the Father, and commune with Him again.

The simplicity of salvation is a shift in awareness. You need to make a shift from believing that you are the “you” that walks this earth to coming to know that you are the “You” that God created. You have to let go of your self-consciousness and allow Christ-consciousness to fill your mind once again. To do this, all you have to do is to open up for the Divine Help to guide you. All of Creation supports your awakening to the Christ in you.

In any given moment, you have the ability to choose. You can choose between valuing the thoughts of the voice for the world, which wants you to believe that you are something that can die, and valuing the thoughts of the Voice for God, which talks about your Immortal Reality as a Child of God. The more often you value the thoughts of the Holy Spirit, the more quickly Christ-consciousness will dawn on your mind, to bless you with happiness.

All you have to do is to choose for God in any moment, and to open up for all the help that God wants to give you, in the form of his many helpers, seen and unseen. His Grace will pour down on you and your mind will be filled with His Light. I will support you in any way that I can, and your path back to God will be smooth and easy. Only when you still want to hold on to the world, will things get complicated and hard and uncomfortable.

Therefore, choose wholeheartedly for salvation! Choose to follow and complete the one path that will lead you to the end of dreams, and the return of true happiness to your mind. This is the road that everyone must follow in the end. This is the simplicity of salvation. This is the natural response to The Call that you have heard. This is your destiny. I am here to help you fulfill your destiny. Trust me and follow me. I love you. Amen.

The Power of Love

When you are asking the Holy Spirit, the Voice for God, to guide and help you, you are calling upon the power of God. The power of God, the power of Love, is always available to you, because you are a Child of God. The power of Love is capable of lifting you out of every seeming difficulty, of solving every seeming problem, of dissolving any kind of darkness in the Divine Light.

Don’t dwell on your problems. Don’t focus on your burdens. Hand them over to the one power that knows how to deal with them in a perfect way. Your problems may seem big, but God is always bigger than your problems. Therefore, call upon Him, and lay all your problems and burdens at His feet. God knows what you need, even before you ask Him. By asking Him to take care of them, you open up to His help.

What is it that you are afraid of? God will protect you no matter what. What is it that you feel to weak to accomplish? God will offer you His strength. What is it that seems to difficult or complex to do for you? God will offer you His clarity and His guidance. God will make a way, when there seems to be no way. When you decide to trust in Him, and to not lean on your own understanding, you will experience this.

The power of Love is the opposite of the power of darkness. Being a power of Love and Light, it must shine away this darkness, because Light and darkness cannot coexist. There is not one form of darkness that can resist the Light, and there is not one seeming problem that you experience that cannot be easily solved by God, Who created you to be without problems forever.

It is the power of Love that created you. It is the power of Love that keeps you safe forever. It is the power of Love that will help you to remember that you are a Child of God forever. In this remembrance are all your problems solved. In this remembrance is your complete happiness returned to you. In this remembrance you are equipped with a gift that you can share with everyone, to set them free, too.

All I ask of you is this: that you be afraid no more. Give me your burdens of fear and anxiety, and I will give you rest. You do not walk alone, and any time you choose, I can help you to see your own situation anew. Any time you choose, you can surrender to God, and leave all your seeming problems behind. Any time you choose, you can experience the glory of being a Child of God again, because that is Who you are. Amen.

The Reason for Being

You were created to create. Your Father created you to create with Him, in an ever-expanding Creation. Your Father created you in His own likeness, with the ability to create and be His co-creator. When you are not aware of this it must mean that you are dreaming. You are dreaming of exile, while you could be creating with Him, as it was meant to be forever. Only when you are aware that you are creating and in communion with your Father can you be truly happy.

The nature of Creation is that all is One. There is one Creation, which is forever expanding, and it is this that you are part of. Everyone is connected in this one Creation, and it has nothing to do with the world of bodies and of matter. That world is not our Father’s Kingdom. The figure that walks in this dream is also not a Child of God, but a temporary identity, and also part of this dream of pain and suffering and dying. Hence I have told you that to enter the Kingdom of God, you have to be born again.

The reason for being is creating. The reason for your existence  now is to awaken from your dream and to remember your real, original reason for being. Only by remembering this and by fulfilling your natural function can you be truly happy. The pursuit of happiness is doomed to fail if it is undertaken solely in this world. Only by calling out to That That Knows can you be restored to full sanity, and be lifted out of this world of darkness and into the Light of Creation once again.

You are Love. You are Spirit. You are Eternal. When you experience yourself as anything other than that, it must mean that you are confused about who or what you are. And when you are walking around with all this confusion in your mind, it doesn’t do you any good to ask those who are equally confused about what the meaning of life it. This will only add to your confusion. The sane thing would be to follow those who once experienced what you experience now, but who have found the way out.

You have a true identity in God, and you have a real reason for being, which is creating. When you experience yourself as doing or being something else, it must mean that temporarily you have taken on another identity. This can never fulfill you in the way your Father’s Kingdom fulfills you, and it is doomed to bring you unhappiness. Many deny this unhappiness. For many others it is just a vague discomfort, hardly noticed most of the time. For yet others it is a constant state of depression.

When you are reading this it must mean that your awareness of this lack of fulfillment, your awareness of the nature of your predicament, is more acute than for most people. That must also mean that you are more ready to leave this world behind completely, and return to your normal, natural state of being. I am here to help you with that. I am here to help you remember how much our Father loves us. I am here to guide you out of your dreams of suffering. Trust me and follow me. Amen.

Oceans of Grace

While you are debating within yourself whether you really want to let go of the world completely, and surrender your will and life to God, He is doing whatever He can to help you make the only sane decision. The way God is doing that is by pouring oceans of Grace out over all the separated ones, all the Children of God who believe that they are lost to Him. He keeps sending His Love and His Messengers to redeem all the fallen children.

God, in His mercy, keeps offering you His inheritance again, but He will not force Himself upon you. Only what you are willing to receive out of free will can be received by you. The Kingdom of God is not a Kingdom of tyranny, and you will always be allowed to make your own decisions. When you decide to keep looking for hope and happiness in a world that offers none, the Divine will wait until you are ready to choose again and accept what is rightfully yours, by God’s Grace.

Ask and you shall receive. Seek and you shall find. Knock and the door shall be opened. For the flow of Grace to start pouring our on you, you have to want it and you have to open up to it. All prayer is answered. You cannot pray to me or to the Holy Spirit in a sincere way and not receive an answer. To ignore a prayer would be to go against the laws of Creation. When you are ready to receive God’s Gifts, and you ask for them and you open up to them, you WILL receive.

What does it mean to walk by Grace? What does it mean to recognize that, “It’s only Grace!” It means to recognize that even though, like the prodigal son, you have decided to leave your father behind, you can return any moment and everything will be restored in your awareness perfectly. Whatever you have experienced while you left your home will be nothing more than one false note in an endless symphony, hardly noticed when it happened and soon forgotten afterwards.

God keeps giving and giving and giving. He keeps offering and offering and offering. And all that you have to do is say, “Yes!” Oceans of Grace are being poured out over you, whether you notice it or not, and the door of the Kingdom of God is opened for you 24/7. All you have to do is to align your will with the will of God. All you have to do to accept all of this is to choose for God over the world that you know of. Isn’t this a simple and clear situation, and an easy decision to make?

God loves you. In Him there is not one thought of grievances, hurt, or blame about you. You are the Child He loves without measure, for eternity. In your current state of mind you cannot grasp that, but you can come to know this once again. Follow me. Follow me through your resurrection, through your ascension, through your rebirth as the Christ that you are.

Give me your burdens and follow me all the way, while God’s Grace is pouring out on the both of us. Make the one decision everyone has to make in the end, and rejoice in the simplicity of salvation. Return to the only place where you can truly be at home. Come to me, you who are burdened, and I will give you rest. That is a promise, and I keep my promises. Amen.

Why Not Now?

All your life you have known that something is missing here. All your life you have known that you are not completely fulfilled with what the world has to offer you. All your life you have known that you don’t really belong here. Isn’t it time to add these things up? Isn’t it time to put these things together, and make a radical change in what you want to do with your life? Why not now? What have you got to lose?

There is no better time than now to change your mind and to change your life. It just doesn’t make sense postponing the most important decision that you could ever make. Do you want to serve the world or do you want to serve God? Those are basically the only two options you have as a human being. This is the major decision facing every human being, and it is abundantly clear that the majority of people choose for the world, still.

So take this moment to reassess you options, and to choose once again. Choose between darkness and Light, between the world and God, and make a firm decision. Who do you want to serve? Make the decision, and that that you serve will serve you. You cannot be or remain neutral, because there is no such thing as a neutral choice in this matter. You have to choose, and why not now? Don’t be so preoccupied with the world that you won’t make the choice.

If you do not use the current moment, now, to make this choice, the future will simply turn into the past in every moment, because you do not allow yourself to let go of both of them. You do not allow yourself to be present, to be here now, and to be available for God to talk to you. In fact, when you live like this, there is no now for you. You are just moving from the past to the future without stopping in between. This is no way to live; this is a way to die.

There is nothing that you think you have to take care of now, that stops you from being focused on God, that could not be perfectly taken care of by His Voice and by His Helpers. Your whole life can be taken over by me and the Holy Spirit, all your actions, words and thoughts, and you wouldn’t have a care in the world. All you would have to do is to ask for help and guidance in every moment, and it will be given you, abundantly. That is the way back to God.

The now is for being in God’s Presence. The now is for serving the Lord, by listening to His Voice. The now is for walking by His Grace, because He gives this gladly to you. The now is for waking up to the Christ in you, the hope of glory. The now is for rejoicing that no matter what you have done or thought about yourself, you have a Heavenly Father Who loves you and Who wants you to return to Him. All of this is offered to you. Just accept it. Why not now?

Nothing to Lose

Many people only turn to God when they have hit a bottom. Many people only surrender to the Divine after they have been devastated by “life”, after having extreme experiences of pain, depression or loss. Some just turn to God because they have a clear, happy memory of the Light, and they have always felt connected, but for most it takes a drastic thing to happen before this inner shift will be made. When you have hit a bottom and you feel like you have nothing to lose, you can open up for a change in your life more easily, apparently.

Look at the world around you. Take a sincere and honest look. Is there anything that has ever truly satisfied you in this world? Is there anything that has brought you true happiness? Or is it closer to the truth that the world has offered you good moments besides the bad moments, and that you have always hoped that the good moments would turn into true happiness? What is it? You cannot find true happiness in a world of duality, where everything is ephemeral. Anything that you love in this world will sooner or later be taken away from you.

Into this chaos, into this desert of loneliness and despair, you now receive a message. It is not just A message, it is The Message. It is The Message that Your Father loves you, and that He wants you to return to Him, because He doesn’t want to be alone. He holds no grievances against you, whatever you may think that you have done, and He is ready to welcome you with open arms. Isn’t that great news? All you have to do is say thank you and accept the invitation. All you have to do is to let go of the world and to accept The Message that will lift you out of your perceived misery.

What do you have to lose by doing this? Can you see that you have nothing to lose? If you believe that you have to stay here because you have to take care of certain people, you are mistaken, because God takes care of us all. If you believe that there is still hope to find true happiness in this world, you are mistaken too. This world will never offer you what you look for, Love and perfection, because it is not a place of Love and perfection. You have nothing to lose by leaving this world behind and by being born again as a Child of God, free of pain and suffering.

Do not despair or be disappointed about all the mistakes you think you have made. They will be perfectly undone by the Voice for God, by the power of Love, which shines away all darkness. Do not linger in a place without hope, but choose for the certainty of God instead. Take an honest look at what you think you have to lose by doing this, and then realize that you have nothing to lose. You came to this world with certain expectations, and all the things that you thought would make you happy have failed you. Now count on the one thing that CAN make you happy.

God is Love. In Him there is no darkness at all. When you perceive darkness in and around you, it must mean that you are somewhere where you are not at home. You are at home in God. Only when you return to Him, and experience the peace that passeth understanding, will you be truly at home. Until that moment, you are just contemplating whether you will accept The Message that you have received as the only Truth for you. Until that moment you still think that you have something to lose by giving up the world. Think again and trust me. You have nothing to lose by following me. Amen.

The Light of Creation

There is a Light in you that is put there by God. It cannot be put out, although you can turn your awareness away from it, but you can never completely ignore it. The Light of Creation is the center of your being, and it is calling to you to awaken from this dream of suffering. The Light of Creation is the part of you that still remembers God. It is the part of your mind that is still connected with Him, and will be connected forever.

Awakening to Christ means that you focus on this Light and let it grow into your awareness. By doing this is it will shine away the darkness in your mind, and you will see anew. You will see what you put in the way of the Light, and you can choose again, if you want to let go of that. Do you want to hold on to your fears, your worldly desires, your jealousy, your littleness, when God is calling you Home? Or are you willing to let it all go?

When all darkness in your mind has been shined away by the Light of God, you will remember perfectly that you are His Child, forever. You do not need to worry or think about how that should happen. In every moment, you will be guided by me and the Holy Spirit, and whatever needs to be done will just occur to you. You do not need to know the big picture. All you need to know is that you want to awaken to the Christ in you, to the Truth.

When you have a sincere desire to know the Truth, all of God’s Helpers will come rushing in. You will be guided into situations that are most helpful to help you remember. You will start to meet people, read things, or hear things that are most helpful for your awakening. At one point you will start to realize that these “coincidences” aren’t coincidences at all. The Light of Creation is guiding your life, and orchestrating your awakening to Christ.

In any given moment, while you believe that you walk the earth, there are two forces at work in your mind. The power of darkness, which draws you to the world in a hypnotic way, and the power of the Light, which draws you to God, to your awakening. In this seeming battle the outcome is sure, because forever is of God. How much time you will take for your return to God depends on you, and your willingness to see anew.

Maybe you feel that you are lacking in strength, or in determination, or in clarity, to speed up your awakening to the Truth. Whatever you feel that you are lacking, ask it of me, and I will supply it to you. Our Father thus not limit His Gifts to us, and I gladly pass them on to you. You deserve to be helped in every way possible, because you deserve to remember the Truth that will set you free. Do not hesitate to call on me for any help you need with this. Amen.

The Greatness in You

Christianity is an invitation to get in touch again with the greatness in you and to forget about the littleness in you. He that is in you is greater than he that is in the world. It is the Christ in you, the hope of glory, that is your greatness. This is your true identity in God, your true identity as a Child of God. To remember this, the greatness in you, is the goal of the curriculum. To reach full Christ-consciousness is the goal of being a Christian.

This is not difficult to do, but it does require willingness. It does require willingness to question everything you value, everything you now hold dear, and to bring it to the Light. Examined in the Light of Truth, does it hold up? Are the thoughts, ideas and beliefs you now hold dear precious to God? Does He share those beliefs with you? If not, I can assure you that they are not worthy of you, and that they are only blocks on the road that you walk back to God.

It is up to you to be willing to have these blocks removed for you, by God’s Helpers, and when you do this you will remember. When you are willing to have all the darkness in your mind removed for you, and are willing to align yourself completely with God’s Will, your remembering will be complete. You will re-awaken to the Christ in you, and your state of mind will be returned to what it always was, and what it always will be, thank God.

Do not settle for anything less than greatness. Whenever thoughts of littleness appear in your mind, make a firm stand that you don’t want anything to do with these thoughts. Pray to God that He will fill your mind with Light and thoughts of greatness, and He will. Every moment is a chance to choose between littleness and greatness. When you try to limit yourself to being a human being, living in a body, in a dying world, you ARE choosing for littleness.

Too many people have tried to make me special, someone to worship. Worship only the Father, Who is worthy of our worship. Let me help you, as an older brother, to remember what I have already remembered. Follow me through your resurrection and ascension, and come to remember your greatness perfectly. This is God’s Will for you, and therefore it is your destiny to have this fulfilled in you. Only this purpose in life is worthy of you who are His Child.

There is a reason you are reading this. Not everybody may be ready to hear this message at this point in time, but you are. Take it to heart. God wants you to remember your greatness in him, and leave all your dreams of darkness and pain behind. You do not walk alone. I will walk besides you, the Holy Spirit will inspire you, and God’s Angels will hover near you. All of Creation supports you when you choose that you want to re-awaken to your greatness. Amen!

Intimacy With God

God is not a God to be worshipped from a distance. You are meant to walk in the Presence of the Lord. God is everywhere and God is everything. When you see God as far away, something very big and very powerful and very far away, you are mistaken. At all times you are united with God, at one with all of Creation. Creation is One, so how could God be at a distance? The Truth is that all God’s Children are always connected with Him, being part of the one Creation.

So many Christians have been told to fear God. I have told you there is no fear in love. How could it make sense to fear an only-loving Father? How could it make sense to be afraid of a Being Who loves you without limits? Instead of fearing God, return the love He has for you. Let this love be a constant stream, which keeps going back and forth, and you will have returned to your natural state of being. This state of grace, in which you are fully aware that you love God and God loves you, is your natural state of being.

The way to worship God is not to put Him at a distance, but to become intimate with Him. Acknowledge that He is always there, that you are always in His Presence, no matter where you go. Become aware of His Voice, that speaks to you 24/7, guiding you back to the full awareness that you are the Christ, a Child of God, a purely Spiritual Being. Keep asking in prayer that this will be shown to you, and it will, because God wants you to remember that you are His Child.

Do not be afraid of love. Do not be afraid of God. Become intimate with God. Let go of any idea of shame, guilt, anger or fear that is still lingering in your mind. All these ideas are just burdens you don’t have to carry around anymore. Give your burdens to me, and I will gladly take them away from you, to be replaced by the Light of Creation. When you let go of all these ideas which have no foundation in Truth, you will discover that there is nothing that is blocking your awareness from God’s Presence.

You do not walk alone. All you brothers, all Divine Helpers, all the Masters and the Angels, are part of this one Creation that you are trying to remember. To become intimate with God, become intimate with His Creation. Join in the love and the Light that every part of God’s Creation represents. In your relationship with God, you will automatically remember your true relationship with every part of His Creation, when you let yourself be guided by the Holy Spirit, Who will bless all your relationships.

To learn to become intimate with God, first learn how to become intimate with me. I am your brother and I love you for the Truth in you. I care about you, and I will gladly guide you back to the gates of Heaven, to your awareness of yourself as a Child of God. When you learn that you can trust me and when we have become truly intimate, you will be on your way of becoming truly intimate with God, uniting with Him, instead of worshipping Him from a distance. That is the way to remember.

The Way

Being a Christian is not about having a set of moral codes to which to adhere, although there is nothing wrong with striving to live with high moral standards. Being a Christian is all about being born again as the Christ that lives in you, the Christ, the hope of glory. I have told you that to enter the Kingdom of God you will have to be reborn. You cannot be a human being and know God.

As a human being, you can have all kinds of beautiful experiences related to God. You can find comfort in your faith, and signs and wonders will follow those who believe. You can have all kinds of experiences of peace and Grace which are not of this world. And still, to know God you will have to remember that you are the Christ, because only by remembering that you are a Child of God can you truly know the Father.

The way back to God often starts with a feeling of uneasiness. Thoughts like, “There has to be more to life than this! There is something wrong here! I feel an emptiness inside of me!” arise in your mind, and you discover that you are not truly happy here in the world. When you call out for help from this situation, you can be guided to the way to remember, and decide to follow me, based upon your faith in my words.

That is the way back to God. It starts with not being content about where you are. Then you find faith in the message that I have come to bring to humanity. When you truly follow me, by asking me and the Holy Spirit for guidance, your life will become filled with signs and wonders, and you will gain trust in God. From faith and trust you can come to knowing, when you truly surrender your will and life to God.

Faith, trust and knowing. Until you have fully surrendered and have realized that you ARE the Christ, you are on the path, you are following the way that I have shown you. If that is the case for you, you will have to keep going. Do not settle for just being on the path. Do not settle for just having beautiful glimpses of your Creator. Being a Christian is about resurrection and ascension. That is where the path ends.

Walk with me, and walk this way all the way to the end. Claim your Divine Inheritance, not because you are special, but because our Loving Father wants you to come back to Him. He loves you with a limitless love, and He wants you to come back all the way. Do not settle for less. Fulfill you destiny, and come to remember that you are a Child of God forever. This is the way to true happiness. Amen.

The Will to Live

Within you is the will to live, just waiting to be freed. Within you is the Real You, The Christ in you, just waiting to be invited by you. Any time you accept God’s Will for you, you decide again for the will to live. Any time you open up to the Christ in you, you are being brought back to life. You no longer remain in a kind of hibernation mode, but you become truly alive, in the love of God, once again. This is your natural state of mind.

The will to live is the opposite of the will to die. When you are dreaming that you are a body in a world full of other bodies, you are not truly alive. You are operating at a level of awareness that is akin to being in a spiritual coma. This need not be. All you have to do is to open up to the help that is offered to you by the Divine, and you will be brought back to life. You will be born again and you will see anew, when you accept this help.

What is life? Do you believe it means that you are born as a body, to mature, and then to decay once again through aging, until you cease to exist? My friend, if you believe this, you are mistaken, and you are mistaken completely. Life is an eternal attribute of all the parts of God’s Creation. It has no beginning and it has no ending. Life is eternal! Anything that is not eternal can therefore not really be called “life”.

To live means to be one with God. To live means to be one with all of Creation. To live means to be filled with peace and happiness that cannot be shattered. If you are not experiencing this, it means that you are mistaken about who you really are. This can be corrected, and it will be corrected. The only thing that is needed for you to have this corrected in you is to accept the help, which is available at all times.

The only question that remains is when you will accept this help. What is true about you is true forever. You are a Child of God, and when you forget this for a moment, it doesn’t mean that anything has changed in reality. All this means is that you need a shift in awareness, which you can choose at any time. Why not now? Why wait in a world of pain, suffering, and dying, and keep hoping that something in this world will satisfy you?

God is the answer to any question you could come up with. God is the healer of any kind of discomfort you may experience. He has many helpers, but He is the true Healer, being the Source of Creation. All you have to do to experience His healing is to stop resisting His attempts to help you. You will be freed from the past when you lay all your burdens down and align yourself with His Will. Do this, and you will become alive once again.

How to Best Use Time

There is no use in denying the need for healing in your own mind. Only when you experience perfection, and are only aware of Love and Light and Truth, is there no need for healing. When you experience imperfection in you and all around you, there is a need for healing, and time should be used for this. When all your healing will be finished, time will be finished for you as well, because there won’t be a need for it anymore to exist in your mind.

Use all the time you have to listen to me and to the Holy Spirit. We will guide you through the world in a way that is in harmony with God’s Plan for the salvation of the world. You will be guided through looking at all your beliefs, and will be invited to let all thoughts which are not in accord with God’s Will go, to be replaced by His Thoughts. In your mind and in your life the Light will shine away all the darkness, to purify your mind once again.

Thoughts of weakness will be replace by thoughts of strength, because the Christ in you strengthens you. Thoughts of confusion will be replaced by thoughts of wisdom, because the Voice for God will bring you wisdom. Thoughts of despair will be replaced by thoughts of hope, because the Christ in you is the hope of Glory. In your mind, the perceived separation between you and your Heavenly Father will fade away, and you will be united again forever.

What about the practical things of the world? How do you deal with them, while you worship God, and awaken from your dream of separation? You can trust in God to take care of this, and there is no need whatsoever to concern yourself with this. God will make a way, when there seems to be no way. Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not unto your own understanding. Seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and all else shall be added unto you.

The best use of time is to choose once again. Choose for God instead of for the world. Choose for Love instead of fear. Choose for greatness in Him, instead of for littleness in separation. By doing so you will be brought to full remembrance, to resurrection and ascension, to communion with our Creator, Who loves you beyond compare. By choosing for God you become the prodigal son, who is welcomed home by a loving Father, Who holds no grievances against you.

Use time to let all your actions, words and thoughts be guided by me and by the Holy Spirit. This will end all confusion, all pain and suffering, and all dying. You will be made whole, and you will be born again as the Christ that you are. And this is the only way you can be truly happy. A Child of God is only happy when He is in Heaven, united with the Father Who created Him. It is your destiny to remember this, and only this. That is the best use of time. Amen.

Pain and the Body

When your body is in pain, it must mean that something has gone wrong, on the level of your mind. Pain is not of God. When you accept that you are a Child of God, and you only use your body to communicate God’s Will to the world, all pain will cease to be. Only by listening to the voice of the world instead of listening to the Voice for God will pain be part of your existence, because pain is not part of God’s Plan for you.

While you are awakening to Christ, some of the pain you experience may also be old pains coming to the surface. They are the result of old beliefs, of old memories still stored in the body, in your bodily awareness. Such pains are the symptoms of bodily transformation. When you switch from listening to the voice of the world to listening to the Voice for God your mind and body will undergo a transformation, and pain may be part of that.

Do not dwell on pain. Give it to me, as you should do with all of your burdens. When you truly want to get rid of your pain and have no use for it anymore, whatsoever, it will be taken away from you. Properly perceived the body becomes nothing more than an instrument of God, to reach the Children who think they are lost to Him. As such, the body will be made invulnerable, protected from pain and diseases, and only used to do God’s Will.

When you believe that you are somehow separated from God, you are in need of healing, and this healing needs to take place at the level of the mind. One of the symptoms of this need for healing can be bodily pain. Remember that it is just a symptom. It is lofty to want to alleviate it in yourself and in others, but do not treat it as more than a symptom. The real healing is that all of God’s Children need to remember that they are still loved by and connected to God.

The real healing is that all of Creation needs to know that it is One, and any part which has temporarily forgotten this needs to remember it. The help to remember that you are a Child of God is the main healing that is needed. This will dissolve all pain, because ultimately it will help you remember that you are not a body, but that you are the Christ. This remembrance will end all pain forever, because it will end your belief that you are in a body.

Pain is, as such, nothing more that a sign that you have misunderstood yourself. Ask for my help, for a clear understanding, for a full remembrance. It is a mistake to just dwell on the pain and it is also a mistake to just dwell on the healing of the pain. Instead, dwell on the Truth, and come to know that the Truth is yours, and that the Truth will set you free. Only the Truth will end all pain, on all levels, forever. Remember this and you are free.

The Call to Awaken

You may think that there is something wrong with you if you feel like you don’t belong here. You may think that there is something wrong with you when whatever you do in this world doesn’t really satisfy you. You may think that there is something wrong with you when you experience a constant discomfort, an idea that there is something wrong here, but you just don’t know what. All these things are not signs that there is something wrong, but indications of what is right about you.

All these things you might experience are part of the call to awaken. This is not our Father’s Kingdom, and therefore it is not my home or your home. This world is at best the place where you awaken to the Truth that will set you free. Before you awaken, you will become aware of the call to awaken, in the form of no longer being content with your earthly existence. Wrongly understood, this can lead to severe depression. Rightly understood, this is good news, when you turn to God and ask for help.

The call to awaken is the call to have your mind healed for you. The call to awaken is the call to let go of your human identity and to embrace your Divine Identity once again. The call to awaken is the call to let go of the world and to turn to God, always, in all your affairs. It is the invitation to leave all darkness behind, and to invite the Light to take over your life. It is the invitation for more and more Light to shine on your path, until you remember that you ARE this Light, the Light that shines from within you.

Call it awakening to Christ. Call it awakening to Love. Call it awakening to God. However you want to call it, you will first have to admit that you ARE sleeping and that you ARE dreaming. Only when you first admit where you are, can you start to walk the road to where you want to be. Those who keep up appearances, who keep telling everyone including themselves that they are doing fine, will not really respond to the call to awaken, because why would you want to awaken if you hold on to the idea that you are doing OK?

Once you have admitted that you heard the call, that you are sleeping and dreaming, and that you need help to awaken, things will become a lot easier. All you have to do then is to learn discernment, discernment between the voice that speaks for the world and the Voice that speaks for God. When you only follow the Voice for God, in all your affairs, you cannot go wrong anymore. Once you were lost, but now you are found. Once you were blind, but now you can see. You will be guided out of this world, all the way.

Everyone has the call to awaken in their mind. For some it is like a whisper and for some it is like thunder. But everyone has it, and is invited to respond to this call. We have to remind all of our brothers about our Heavenly Father, Who does not want to be alone, and Who wants us all to awaken to His Love once again. This is the holy task that is at hand. To accept the invitation to awaken, and to share it with everyone. Trust me. I love you and I will give you all the guidance you need. You do not walk alone. Amen.

The Real Healing

The real healing that everyone who walks this earth needs to undergo, is not a physical or psychological healing. The real healing is a shift in identity. You cannot believe that you are limited, vulnerable, and weak, and at the same time expect to be made whole. Only by accepting that you are unlimited, invulnerable, and powerful beyond belief, will you be healed at last. You will have accepted your True Identity.

The Christ in you, the hope of glory, is your True Identity. It is the identity that God has given you in your creation. It is the Real You, as they would say in India. The personality, the body, the worldly identity, is just a replacement for the Christ in you. He that is in you is greater than he that is in the world. Don’t you know that you are Gods? By letting go of the earthly identity and remembering and accepting your Heavenly Identity will everything be healed.

It is great to receive bodily healings. It is wonderful to receive energetic healings that make your feel good. It is beautiful to rejoice in the message of salvation and redemption. Yet, these are but all markers on the road to remembering the Truth, that you are the Christ, just like me. They are not the goal, they are markers along the path. Rejoice with every marker that you pass, but don’t stop there. Follow the path all the way.

You cannot serve two masters. You cannot both serve God and serve the world. At one point you will have to make a firm commitment to be done with the temptations of the world, and to fully serve God. This is the moment when real miracles will start to happen in your life. The transformation of your mind and your life will accelerate and you will be propelled towards full remembrance, towards resurrection and ascension, towards communion with God.

Logical reasoning will tell you that either one of two things can be true of you. Either you are a child of this world, or you are a Child of God. Either you have a biological source, or you have a Divine Source. Either everything I tell you is a lie, or it is all true. You have to decide which of the two you are going to believe, and then you will have to accept the consequences of your choice. Trust me, because I love you, and because I have walked this path already.

By fully trusting our Heavenly Father I have overcome death, and I am now capable of teaching everyone the way to Everlasting Life. I am entrusted by our Father with taking everyone home, with helping everyone to remember their identity in Christ. Do not deny me your trust, now that you have come this far. You were not born to be a slave of this world, but you were created to be a Child of God. Remember that. I love you. Amen.

The Way to God

The way of healing is the way to God. The way of healing is a giving up of individual striving, of preferences and opinions, and of reuniting with the Divine and with all of Creation. Healing is to make whole, and this means to make an end to the separation you perceive between yourself and everybody and everything else. When you see everything as one, and react to everyone you meet in the same way, you will have been made whole.

For most people the world is a patchwork of different territories, filled with a collection of individuals who lead their own separated lives. Everyone is competing for the resources of this world, and trying to find some kind of safety and autonomy in an ever changing and shifting world. Yet when God looks on us, He sees his one Creation, and He knows that all His Children are the same. He sees the Oneness that we tend to overlook.

When you focus on the Oneness of Creation all differences will fall away. You will see the Light in all the people you meet, and you will start to recognize the Christ in all of them. To see the Christ in all your brothers is how you come to remember that you are the Christ. The Christ in you, the hope of glory, will come forward, and take over your life. When that happens you will truly start to remember that you are a Child of God.

The way to God is to stop focusing on all the differences and to look on what unites us. The way to God is to stop focusing on the world and to start focusing on the Inner Light. The way to God is to rise above all the striving and competing of the world, and to focus on your inner peace. The way to God is easy, because you are supported all the way by the power of the universe with every step that you take.

Every step you take on the way to God will bring more wholeness to your mind. You will learn to leave the world behind you, and you will stop worrying about anything, because you have surrendered your will and life to God, Who will take care of you, now and in the future. You will learn to become single-minded, and only listen to the Voice for God, in all your actions, words and thoughts. This will free your mind of all worries.

For everything you do there is a price to pay. The price you have to pay for following the way to God is that all your uncertainty, all your fears and worries, all your anger and unhappiness, will be removed from your mind. When you truly focus all your attention on God, and leave all else behind, all darkness must disappear from your mind, because it cannot coexist with the Light. That is the price you have to pay for choosing God above all else. Hallelujah!

Healing the Split Mind

When you both believe that you are in a world of pain, suffering and dying, and that there is a God of Love and Perfection, you are experiencing a split mind. These are opposing beliefs. Looking at these beliefs rationally, one can only conclude that only one of these two beliefs can be true. Either the world of suffering is real, and we are ruled by imperfection, or the God of Love is real, and we are ruled by Perfection.

How could a God of Love, of Perfection, an All-knowing and All-powerful being, create something for His Children that is in essence a miserable place? How could this be true? You can try to rationalise it, by talking about a learning God or a punishing God, but a perfect God doesn’t need learning and a loving God doesn’t go around punishing His Children. From whatever angle you look at it, this doesn’t make any sense.

If the world is not created by God, how could it be real? The answer is that it cannot be real. The world of perception is a temporary manifestation of the mind, and when all God’s Children have focused their attention on God again, it will disappear, never to return. The world of illusion will dissolve in the Light of Creation. This is the destiny of humanity: to have the whole world removed from the mind, and to return to Perfect Oneness and happiness.

When this has happened your mind will be made whole. Until this has happened your mind is split. On the one hand you experience the irresistible pull of God’s Love, the invitation from God Who wants you to return to Him. On the other hand you experience the temptations of the world, in the form of all your desires and habitual thought patterns, that keep you locked into an earthly existence, without the seeming possibility of escape.

The way to heal the split mind is to focus all of your attention on God. There are two sources of thought in your mind. One is the voice for God, the other the voice for the world. Call it the ego or satan or untruth. The voice for the world will only tell you lies, and when you stop listening to lies you will be guided to the Truth that will set you free. All erroneous beliefs will be shined upon by the Light, and they will simply disappear.

For this to happen all that is needed of you is a willingness to choose for God above all else, a willingness to follow the guidance of me and the Holy Spirit, and a willingness to let go of everything you put in the way of Love’s Presence. When you are willing to let go of all your mistaken thoughts, they can be replaced by Truth, and you will see anew. You will be born again and will be ready to enter the Kingdom of God. You will be made whole again.